Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A response in the Spearhead comments section

(a response from me about how game is incorrect and can lead to wrong actions.)

@Common Monster
Disagreeing with some aspects of game is fine, if you think that a better theory could replace those aspects. But it doesn’t seem to me like tossing out game is the answer.
Take physics. Newtonian physics did not get thrown out when Quantum Physics was discovered. It was more like Newtonian Physics was a subset within the larger set of Quantum Physics, to be used in specific situations.
Similarly, I find that game works in specific situations, and the areas where it doesn’t work doesn’t necessarily negate game, or even the rule that was being addressed. It’s just that game isn’t comprehensive enough. In order for game to be understandable and learnable, it has to be digestable, chopped into into little pieces. There’s a broader spectrum of men’s issues that long-timers will learn, of which game is only a subset.
So yes, gamers might be wrong in a given situation, but in the context of it, they only have to look at the situation more broadly, not react to game in black or white thinking.

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