Monday, May 9, 2011

Something from nothing: a future with neither patriarchy nor feminism

Men are rebelling. The pendulum will swing soon. What will be the new sexual balance?

It probably isn't going to be feminism - it has already shown itself to be self-destructive. Childless options equals lower birth rate, and any other culture with a higher birth rate will take over a feminist culture in a few decades, unless all the world was equally feminist. It is possible that "Western Culture" will dominate Latin, Arab, and Indian cultures and subject them to reproduction control. That just seems like a tall order.

It can't be old-fashioned, evolutionary driven couplings of convenience. Women's rights have all but put the old guard to bed. In spite of our fears (or hopes) of an Islamic (or other outsider) overtaking, Everyone throughout the world is still exposed to what women are allowed today. Even if women are controlled, they will no longer be ignorant. Women's rights was a Pandora's box, never again to be stuffed back in, for better or worse.

So what will the next generation look like? Everyone has a guess. Assuming that today's feminism cannot continue (either from being outbred, or from a debilitating backlash of MGTOW), and assuming that you cannot fill Pandora's box again, there will have to be some sort of balance we have not found yet.

Here's a couple of truisms that must be addressed.

1. Man's natural sexuality is not criminal. Getting aroused at a 17 year old should be no more criminal than getting aroused at an 18 year old. Getting aroused at a sexually mature woman of any age, especially young, is a male axiom. To draw a demarcation line at such an age is arbitrary and lazy. (Side note: does emancipation make an under-18 woman fair game?) On a lesser note, man's sexuality is not silly, or ridiculous. The eye-rolling a woman makes at a man who solicits her for sex should be her own opinion, not a mass opinion to be dictated to other men, or even other women.

2. Rape is not often clear cut. If rape is just unwanted sexual contact, how does that explain why women like to be coerced? How does it explain Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew? Why do women have rape fantasies? Just because there exists such a thing as true, criminal rape, why does that means a reasoned light cannot be shown on the gray areas? Also, why is there presently a gap between how women think a man should behave (beta), and what turns women on (alpha)? This incongruence must be applied to rape as well.

3. The new order, like the current order, cannot help but be unnatural. Humans are just complete freaks of nature - riding in cars, wearing clothes, keeping everyone alive as long as they can. It is a fact of being human - our technology (and that includes social experiments like civilization) rules us. However, every advancement is made to improve a condition. In spite of the ills of feminism, at least half of our population don't want women to lose their right to vote. So we can only move on. The next order will be just as artificial, but hopefully it will address the problems of today. I suggest reading the book What Technology Wants by Kevin Kelly for more information on how humanity and technology are not worker and tool, but almost brothers.

4. Humanity's needs will have to be addressed. The reason the human race continues is because we are biologically adapted to do so. There is and was not a "patriarchy" of the form feminists espouse - instead, it was a natural formation of men and women and their roles in keeping life going. If men took charge, then it was only a "patriarchy" by literal definition, not the loaded word that feminists bring to bear to demonstrate oppression. Even as point 3 says that it will be unnatural, I turn right around and say that point 4 says it needs to address natural concerns. It is true that technology may supersede these problems (artificial births, sexbots, utopian bliss), but we cannot assume it.

In the end, I do think that there is a greater than zero chance that absolute regression to the old ways could happen - the sexual market might do the equivalent of your diet "going paleo". But I do know, even if such a things were to be enacted by some fearsome "backwards" sect out-breeding the western world, it would be done with the knowledge of what feminism did - perhaps as a cautionary tale.

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