Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A good article in the Spearhead

An article by W F Price in the Spearhead talks about the difference between younger and older men, and how they view the game. I find that this article could be expanded on, not so much for content, but the amount of "Preach it, brother!" that I want to heap upon it.

Of course, many things in the men's movement I feel this way towards. When I began to learn Game, I was astounded. When I began to see why game was necessary, I saw to the heart of women (and men). With this article, I see that I have become past my prime. This isn't as bad, dating-wise, as a woman, past her prime, but it still shows me that I could be younger. I could have learned this sooner. Hell, I could have been taught this when I was young.

> Hopefully, fewer of them will have to learn the hard way, and they will gain a better understanding of the women around them a few, crucial years earlier.

I learned "the hard way". Well, actually, without internet, I wouldn't have learned at all. I didn't have those few, crucial years. I am in no way as desperate as a 38 year old woman, but a 38-year old man isn't the best ever either. I just have to realize and keep telling myself that I have options, and I have time. I'm no woman.

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