Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welfare from the State - a puzzle

It has been said on many men's blogs that the welfare state is a result of feminism, or that women are allowed to cut men out of their lives because of the fact that state is now their husband. The picture painted seems bleak for men - their value declines as everything a man once stood for - protection, safety, survival - is now automated. And thus feminism spreads, and thus game was invented, and so on.

What I haven't seen from these blogs is a detailed prediction of what will happen, or how to change it. Not that I could offer much of an analysis myself - the common predictions of "Westerners will be outbred" or "America will collapse, bringing back equality" seem as involved as I myself could go.

It's something I want all of these bloggers to think on, and pool their minds together. I might even take a stab. Some questions I want answered:

1. Short term, will the pendulum swing the other way? What sort of backlash is happening now, and what will happen in the near future?
2. What will defeat hypergamy? When will it happen?
3. Where is the new balance? What would be a totally fair, equal playing field in today's Western society?

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  1. I believe The Fifth Horseman (TFH on The Spearhead) made an attempt at predicting the middle-term consequences of feminism and its decline

    The Misandry Bubble is what you'll look for there