Monday, April 25, 2011

More about me

Who am I? Well, I used to be a "beta", in pick up artist (PUA) language. I still am. I think I may always be, since according to many PUAs, alpha is a specialty to the absolute dedication to game. It's not that, for example, modern morality gets in the way of being a man, but that all the things the PUAs think a guy should do to be alpha combines into a very amoral and misogynistic view. So, like most well-adjusted people, I do to Game what I do to my dim, flickering, but persistent Christian faith - take what is useful, leave the rest.

"Inner game" I can keep. It is confidence. It is training the mind to be that which women are attracted to. It is nothing more than psychologically peacocking, to go along with the physical peacocking that men just do. It's no more immoral that the nice clothes I wear when I go out.

Many of the moves PUA's teach are not, in essence, manipulative, insofar as the man is using as a tool, and inherent misrepresentation is not on the docket. The problem is, so many of the PUA's tools do misrepresent. But doesn't peacocking, as well? If a dark, vertical striped shirt hides your fat, how is that different from using "negs" to hide your neediness?

Looks like I am dropping lots of PUA lingo already. I'm not here to educate you on game. Go Google a glossary or something.

All I can say right now is that it is a slippery slope from justifying individual PUA techniques to being a complete misogynist, or even becoming outright sociopathic, since game also involves marginalizing competing men going after the same woman. All I have to do is figure out exactly how much sociopathy I am willing to put up with in myself.

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