Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My uncle passed away last night. He was my last uncle. Now all that's left of that generation is my Dad, and stepdad.

My relationship with my uncle was always somewhat envious. He was a charmer. He taught his sons how to be charming. Well, I don't know if he ever actually taught them, but they picked it up nonetheless. They are married now, I am not. My Dad divorced my Mom when I was 13. Seeing him on weekends did not teach me enough. I was ensconced in female points of view from then on. I became nice to women, but not charming. I had female friends, but not girlfriends. There might be some men who say that I dodged a bullet by never getting married. And yet, It came at a high price - being the kind of person that a woman wouldn't want to marry. There's a lot of damage yet to be undone.

My uncle was overweight, an ex-alcoholic, and had a huge birthmark on the side of his face. Charm matters more than looks in men, I suppose. There are times I wonder: how did he marry my Aunt? But that's the wimp in me talking. He had three kids, and as far as I know, led an okay life (minus the addictions).

Let's hope heaven has lots of Budweiser.

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