Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A sample of my PU routine

This sample is not meant to be an example of successful PU artistry. It's just a log of what I did. Perhaps what I did wrong is obvious, maybe not.

I was at the car dealership having my car worked on. M. (about a 7) was there for the same reason. I started a conversation since we had the same make and model. I noticed a few IOI's - hair touching, smiles, good eye contact.

After I signed in with the clerk, I was able to restart the conversation over a weather advisory on the TV. We exchanged names, found out we had similar jobs. Good eye contact, face to face, no turning away. Since we were standing, I led her to sit in another location, more secluded.

When our shuttle came, I asked for her number and was rebuffed, her eyes finally looking down. I'm guessing that was an ASD?

In the shuttle, she resumed conversation spontaneously. The driver and the two of us all talked over how much we liked our fair city. I gave my number to the driver (like I was supposed to) and kino'd the girl's shoulder; we shook hands goodbye. I can spot my own problem; I didn't give her the chance for another chance meetup, unless you count the dealership this afternoon, if we arrive at the same time. Doubtful.

I felt good about the fact I didn't feel bad about "rejection" (which I now know is just a shit test). I have options. Like they say, GFTOW. No more pining, no more sniveling. Go after what you like, if things don't work out, find another. People may make fun of someone who does it so baldly and plainly that they are obviously trolling for sex, but that doesn't change the fact that it is exactly what is going on today, whether you see it or not, and it's the best way to do it.

Maybe I'll give her a bit of an ego boost, but I doubt anything will come of it. Next!

EDIT: I think there just wasn't enough time to create rapport and comfort first - or I wasn't efficient enough in doing so. Something to work on.

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