Saturday, April 23, 2011

Who I am and what I am going to do

I have started this anonymous blog to talk openly and frankly about my life. Since the details are going to be so raw and unfiltered, names will be changed to protect my own ass.

For the most part, the blog will be about the things my elsewhere online presence cannot talk about. Right now that thing is sex. Or rather, how I'm just not happy with where I am. I'm 38 years old, have had good relationships and casual sex both, but feel that I eventually need to settle down and have kids. Most of my issues can be summed up from many of the pickup artists blogs out there: I was a "beta", and I want to be more desirable to the opposite sex. However, I'm by no means a complete cad, like many of the blogs' authors out there. But even so, mere mentions of casual sex on my old, connected blog sends howling screamers into my comment section, and affects my social circle. People talk about how casual sex in theory is alright, but when it makes its face shown explicitly in their life, they flip out.

So here I am, talking about my problems, and giving my opinion anonymously, annoyingly, without recourse.

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